Game day


Kenyan National Training Academy

Kenyan National Soccer Team Match

Men & Womens Basketball Games

EARLY this morning our wake up call, Wes Yeary, popped his head into our room with a 15 minute warning until the buses were leaving. Our very long last day in Nairobi began at 5 a.m. with Pastor Boniface. As you may recall we worked with him last week feeding street kids but today was different than last week and a bit more challenging. Boys were fighting and the group did not receive bread because they have been misbehaving, leaving them with just milk. Despite the chaos, we found throughout our conversations that many of them desire to get off the streets. Those that can still go to school want to, some want to go home, and others have goals of getting jobs.  Although there was a language barrier we came together by praying for opportunities for the people in hopes they can break their addictions of inhaling glue. Once we got home we had a two hour break and most of us used it as a much needed nap time.

The group met up again to have a talk with Walter. He explained more to us about his ministry and how he got it started. He encouraged us about the impact we have had on people we have come in contact with this week, and how to let those people impact the rest of our lives. Everyone was deeply touched by what Walter had to say to each of us because it seems like we have all grown so close in a short amount of time.

Afterwards, we headed over to the largest gymnasium in Kenya to compete and fellowship with the volleyball team from the Kenyan National Training Academy.  We have 5 volleyball girls on the trip with us so it was a great experience. We did win, but to us the more important thing was the relationships we built with a few of the girls after the game. We had some one on one time with the players and asked them if they knew about God and how we could pray for them. One of the girls asked Ashlie how to accept Christ into her life. It was a very touching moment and we felt that our time of service was paying off. The competitions continued as the soccer girls played the Kenya National Team. The girls definitely had a challenging game, the team was very experienced, but most of all they loved getting to know the girls on a deeper level and getting the opportunity to pray with them. Following soccer was the girls basketball game. Our team took on a championship winning club team but pulled out a win. Again, we spent time after the game to learn more about each player. Last but not least, the boys played the basketball team from the church the visited Sunday. After a grueling four quarters, the game ended in a tie. Most importantly the guys were able to put their competitive attitudes aside and sit down with the men of the opposing team and pray for them. Our day was full of competition but our main goal was to spread God’s love to our opponents through our love for the game.

Jordan Rice, Bri, and Brooke


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  1. i am happy of what these university students did to our country , i played this friendly game with them and was i was happy to meet and make new friends , am from kenya and i play football , met allie moran , God bless you for the good work , you are welcomed once again


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